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There is so much to say about Lucca with its long and rich history that we’ve given it a section of its own. 

 And not just Lucca itself but the whole province of Lucca which stretches west to the Ligurian Sea and north into the mountains almost halfway to Parma. After 13 years here conducting countless group tours, Elena knows every square inch of the centro storico and all the nearby places of interest, whether they relate to culture, food or local wines and olive oil. And whatever part of the province Elena may have missed, it’s a sure bet that Mike will have covered it on his bike because this is great biking terrain and he will post some of his favorite routes in this section.

We’ll tell you where to find the beach that the locals prefer (and we do too) where we’ve yet to hear a foreign accent in the summer and seeing as this is our town we will mention some of our favorite restaurants, where to find the best morning coffee and pastries as well as the pizza restaurant that is head and shoulders above the rest. Thanks to our Naples friend Ciro for recommending that one to us. He knows pizza!

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